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Freedom Introduces Our Newest Innovation – The Cubtainer

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Anyone that knows even the slightest bit about our Freedom Waterless Car Wash products knows that we are very environmentally conscious. That is even one of the major reasons to make use of Freedom Waterless Car Wash products because they are much better for the environment compared to using a regular car wash with water. Freedom has just taken things one step further though for 2012 with their new container called the Cubtainer.

This Cubtainer (which is pronounced cube-tainer) is much shorter than the original tall container that Freedom has offered in the past which will be slowly phased out in favor of these new Cubtainers. Don’t worry about losing out on product though because there is still just as much as ever and the Cubtainer comes in both 1 and 5 gallon sizes.

These containers are made by and they offer an amazing level of quality while reducing plastic at the same time. They use 83% less plastic compared to our traditional container and take up far less space as well. This means that 2 or 3 boxes of the product contained in the new Cubtainer can take up the same amount of space as one of the old container, allowing for more efficient deliveries and also cuts down on the use of gasoline and pollution that is emitted into the air by trucks during deliveries.

When the product arrives simply open up the small box where it is contained and pop the top of it. Inside you will also find a 38 mm spigot which you can then screw on to the top of the container. Then just rest the Cubtainer on its side inside the box if you like. Store it anywhere that you think will be an easy place for you to access it. When you need to refill one of your spray bottles, simply walk up to it and use the spigot for easy pouring. Not only does the Cubtainer cut down on plastic waste and other pollutants but it makes things easier for you as well.

This could be a great addition for any business that uses Freedom Waterless Car Wash products to clean cars at their establishment. You might not notice the time difference initially, but when you are in a rush and need a refill of your spray bottle the Cubtainer can shave of valuable seconds. If you have never thought to buy in bulk of 1 or 5 gallons in the past, then the Cubtainer is definitely a great reason to consider all the benefits of enjoying Freedom Waterless Car Wash in a larger size with a cheaper price.

I know you might have a hard time picturing exactly how the Cubtainer works which is why I have created a video of myself unboxing it and previewing the Cubtainer’s features. Check out the video below to see how amazingly simple the Cubtainer is to use and how the reduction in plastic used can do great things for space efficiency as well as for the environment.

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