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Eccosave Mobile Wash Enters the Live Green Program!

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

As most of you have probably already figured out by this point, our dealers are a very important and integral part of absolutely everything that we do. We appreciate the hard work from each and every single one of them and are so happy to have made all of the great connections that we have made over the years in our time in the waterless car wash industry. While we are the manufacturers of the waterless car wash products it is often the dealers that have the biggest role in making innovations in the industry and how the products are actually sold. Today we are going to be looking at one of those new innovations from one of our top dealers in Canada, we would like to introduce the Live Green Card from Eccosave Mobile Wash.

This new membership system based around a card is available to anyone that lives, works or shops in the city of Toronto and the best part about it is that it’s absolutely free. The goal behind the membership program is that people using the card will be more inspired to take part in the various waterless car wash benefits that will in turn help to clean up the city of Toronto. This card goes far beyond just the waterless car wash though as several businesses around the Toronto area have all joined up with this amazing program.

When you show this card at any of the participating businesses in Toronto that are committed to green living you will get discounts and access to exclusive deals that will not be available to people that are not members of the Live Green program. Not only will you be getting a discount on the things that you would be doing anyways but you will also be supporting businesses with decidedly green business tactics each and every time you use the card.

The fact that a waterless car wash company has found their way into this program is a great sign that things are really taking off when it comes to waterless awareness. Green-friendly people can be very vocal about the things that they like and when they get a chance to give the waterless car wash a try we are confident that they will have only good things to say about it. Not only will they love the way that it makes their car look but they will love how much water they are saving and that is something that a Green-friendly person will notice instantly.

While we are glad that the waterless car wash is getting this sort of recognition on such a public level, we are even more grateful for the fact that it is one of our trusted dealers that is out there making these connections. This is just proof that we need our dealers to gain us exposure all over the country and hearing about things like this makes us happier than we can even express. Thanks Eccosave Mobile Wash!

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