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Media Exposure for the Waterless Car Wash is Always a Good Thing

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As big players in the waterless car wash industry we feel that we have a big responsibility to a lot of people and that this responsibility extends to many different areas. Part of doing business in this industry is understanding that other companies having success with the waterless car wash products is all just a part of the game and can actually be beneficial to all waterless car wash manufacturers as a whole.  This is because even when a company that isn’t us gets exposure it expands the reach of the waterless car wash to become more of a household name which means that more people will be out there looking for waterless car wash products causing spillover to all of the different manufacturers. This is why we are always happy to see the waterless car wash making the news, no matter which manufacturer is making waves in the media.

The most recent company to be mentioned is CMH who is currently rolling out the MG and Maxus brands in South Africa throughout seven different dealerships. While this is all well and good, the media report on them also talked about how CMH introduced the waterless car wash into all of their dealerships earlier this year. The CEO has gone publicly on record to say that, “I am convinced no one will use water to wash their cars four to five years from now.”

The article did a good job at explaining what the waterless car wash does and how it works in lament terms so that people that have never heard about it before can understand the benefits of using such a system on their own cars. This sort of exposure is important because people that might not have been interested in the waterless car wash itself but care about the future of CMH as a brand will still get to learn a bit about this revolutionary product.

Having reports like usually sends a big spike in both traffic and business to the waterless car wash manufacturers as the interest of the consumers is immediately piqued by articles talking about some magical product that is capable of washing their cars without using water at all. Even though the person writing this article is not as familiar with the waterless car wash as we are, people actually manufacturing the products, we feel that they still did a good job of accurately representing what the great parts of the waterless car wash are.

All we need is a few more of these coming out every month and the waterless car wash will truly become the industry standard. If you believe in our cause and like our products then maybe you can help out by trying to spread the word to your local media outlets. The more exposure there is, the more water is saved and the less strain we put on our earth’s natural resources. In the end, we think that is something that we can all agree to.

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