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Parklean Crew Waterless Car Wash is Our Latest Partner from the Philippines!

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

Our waterless car wash fans always want to be the first ones to know when we start to open up shop in new countries and new markets around the world. Despite whether they have ever been to or have any plans to travel to these countries seems to not really matter much as they just seem to be interested in our progress as far as actually making the connections and getting set up there. That is just fine with us as that is what we are most concerned with as well. With one of the fastest rising economies in the world right now, we are happy to announce that the Philippines has joined the waterless force with our latest dealer, this is Parklean Crew Waterless Car Wash.

If you have ever been to the Philippines then you will understand that it is an absolutely beautiful place. Despite that fact there are many areas where the country is lacking in infrastructure and fresh water is definitely one of those areas. This means that water to give your car a good wash is often not available. Of course anyone that knows this is not really so much of a problem as it is a pointer into the right direction of finding the waterless car wash.

Based out of Makati, one of the more affluent areas of the city of Manila, we don’t think that Parklean will have any trouble attracting the types of people that will want to have their cars washed by them. Despite the several different levels of economy that are very apparent all over Manila, there are nice cars to be seen all over the place. When there are nice cars around, there are also people that want them cleaned the right way, and the professional way.

That is where Parklean steps up and really takes over. Aside from simply being a dealer that can supply people with the waterless car wash products that they need, they can also come out and clean your car for you. They have a team of trained technicians that know exactly what kind of special care a car needs to stay looking in great condition. We know it won’t be long until their message really starts spreading around the city.

We have to tell you that we are definitely very excited about this new move into the Philippines. There are a lot of new opportunities to be had over there and you know we are never afraid of expansion. For ever drop of water that isn’t used for cleaning someone’s car, it can be used for something more important and in some places in the world that is much more crucial than others.

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