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Checking in With Freedom of Puerto Rico

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While the Freedom brand is gaining both customers and traction every day in the United States, we also have to keep an eye on how it performs internationally. Thanks to our great international dealers we can get a simple look at how our products are performing in the different corners of the globe without too much hassle. What is even better is some of our dealers have even decided to use our own Freedom brand name when selling their products in their respective countries. This helps the Freedom brand itself to grow and expand around the world while the waterless car wash as a whole gains exposure too. Today we are going to be checking in with one of the companies that has been helping us to do this for some time now, this is Freedom of Puerto Rico.

Traditionally, one of the hardest parts about expanding your business has been integrating into the new markets and countries that you are selling in. This can include many problems from legal red tape to the simple struggle of a language barrier. This is why our dealers have all been so instrumental to us as we are able to breeze right past all of those problems and focus on what we do best — creating high quality waterless car wash products.

With Puerto Rico being so close to the states and having a lot of ties to our country as well, it is only natural that we decided to branch out there when we did. Of course it was a big help that Jose was on board from day 1 to do whatever he could to make the waterless as good as it possibly could be for Puerto Rico. While we are sure the waterless car wash would have caught on in Puerto Rico on its own, having Jose working with us definitely made things go much more smoothly.

Freedom of Puerto Rico is much more than just an extension of our brand to sell products though – they are a fully featured mobile wash too. If you need your car washed or detailed in the way that only the waterless car wash can accomplish, give the guys from Freedom of Puerto Rico a call and they will take care of all your needs. Whether you want to go to them or you want them to come to your house for the wash, they can accommodate you.

By far though one of the biggest advantages of having Jose and his crew working with us is the Spanish language media exposure. Always doing guest spots and speaking on TV where he can, Jose has done so much to help further the cause of the waterless car wash internationally. We feel it is appropriate to credit a portion of the waterless car wash’s success to him, his efforts and his hard work so far. Thanks Jose, keep up the great work and keep making those cars shine!

Freedom of Puerto Rico is Coming Up Fast

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers


Every now and then when taking a look through and checking in with our different dealers, we come to realize the fact that we haven’t put up a feature on a particular dealer in quite some time. We don’t mean to do this, it is just that sometimes we get too swamped with other news and announcements and we just aren’t able to stay updated on all that is going on, no matter how much we would like to. One of those dealers that always gives us a great reason to stay updated is none other than Freedom of Puerto Rico. We are going to be checking in with them today to see how they have been doing.

One of the things that we love about these guys is how well they have embraced the Freedom brand. While we certainly don’t have any problems with our dealers wanting to create their own brands for the waterless car wash products that they have been selling, we hold a special place in our hearts for those that are willing to promote the Freedom brand even further. This can also be a great promotional tool as many waterless car wash enthusiasts have already come to know and respect the Freedom brand as the best waterless car wash manufacturer on the planet. By carrying our brand, your customers know that they are dealing with quality.

Freedom of Puerto Rico also has a really great guy leading the pack. Jose Colon is in charge of all of the operations for Freedom of Puerto Rico and he definitely takes this position seriously. Jose can be spotted all over the place attending waterless car wash and other similar industry events. He even attends some events outside of the waterless car wash realm and is always willing to pose for a picture or two while in the process.

Another thing that makes us seriously thankful for Jose is how he has easily let us slip into the Puerto Rican market without all of the hassles. Language barriers are one thing but dialects and red tape are another of which Puerto Rico has both. Jose has helped us to smooth over all of those things so that we are able to focus on what we do best – creating high quality waterless car wash products.

Of course, no waterless car wash dealer would be able to earn their keep without first being able to wash a car. Jose and his crew have all been extensively trained in all of the important waterless car wash cleaning techniques so you can rest easy knowing that they will take great care of your beauty.

Dealers like Freedom of Puerto Rico and guys like Jose are a joy to work with. They make everything so simple and are always willing to help out or do a bit of promoting for the products. We are looking forward to working with Jose and Freedom of Puerto Rico for some time to come.

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