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Great Stuff From Freedom of Puerto Rico

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As leaders in the waterless car wash industry, it is always a joy and a struggle for us to try to reach out into new countries and market places. Often times though, this is difficult for us. Getting people to become converts of the waterless car wash is tough enough even when we can communicate fluently with our potential clients. Imagine how much harder that gets when there is a big ol’ language barrier thrown in there as well. Thankfully, there are many other people around the world that share similar views about the waterless car wash products that can help to promote the waterless car wash better internationally. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at one of these international waterless car wash detailers, this is Freedom of Puerto Rico.

If you have never been to Puerto Rico and don’t know anything about the place, you should know that they are a great market for the waterless car wash. While there is really no such thing as a bad place for the waterless car wash, a place like Puerto Rico is perfect. Like many places around the world, water is not always in great abundance so anything that can be done to save water is huge. By choosing not to use water for something like washing your car, you have a whole lot more water to use for something that is potentially much more useful for you.

Something that may come as a bit of surprise for some people, there are actually a ton of great looking cars driving around down there in Puerto Rico. As you might already be able to guess, all of these spectacular looking cars look even better as soon as the guys from Freedom of Puerto Rico are done washing them. These guys have definitely put in the hard work to make their years of experience really stand out. They have taken the time out to learn all about the waterless car wash so they can bring their expertise to all of their customers. Each and every one of their employees have all been highly trained in waterless car wash tactics and practices so they always provide the highest quality washing possible. When you get your car washed by Freedom of Puerto Rico, you can expect the same level of quality that you get from the Freedom brand you have come to know and love over the years.

So if you ever find yourself down in Puerto Rico or you have any friends down there who need to be turned on to the waterless car wash, look no further than Freedom of Puerto Rico. They will be able to handle all of your waterless car wash needs and believe us, they are great guys to know as well. We just want to take this time out to thank the crew from Freedom of Puerto Rico for all their hard work. Keep it up guys!

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