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A Rolls-Royce Owner is a Satisfied Customer

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

We often talk about the fact that the Waterless Car Wash is good for all types of cars and vehicles on the market. We stand by that theory and recommend that no matter what kind of car you own that you give the waterless car wash a try. That being said, those people that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their cars have earned the right to be a bit more skeptical about any product that they use on their car. We urge all of our potential customers to do the necessary research on our products because we know they will uncover the truth that our products are the absolute best products for their cars. One customer recently did the research for himself and ended up purchasing a bottle of waterless car wash for his Rolls-Royce.

Most of you by now are probably already familiar with Justin from Eco Auto Clean in Atlanta. He has become a bit of a legend within the waterless car wash community for how much he has done to promote the waterless car wash and for how hard of a worker he is. Recently Justin was present at an auto show in Atlanta where he sold a bottle of his patented Go Green/Get Yellow waterless car wash to the proud owner of a Rolls-Royce. With the price of a car like that we are pretty confident that the owner knew exactly what he was applying to his car which is why he decided on the type of quality that come from Freedom Waterless Car Wash and our dealers.

With the type of service that Justin offers to all of his customers we have no doubt that the owner of this Rolls-Royce will quickly become a repeat customer for Eco Auto Clean. Since Justin does such a great job at documenting all of his outings, we are really looking forward to featuring this Rolls-Royce in the weekly report we do on the activity of what’s going on for Eco Auto Clean.

Remember people, there is no such thing as a vehicle that isn’t a perfect candidate for the waterless car wash. Every single vehicle on earth can benefit from what the waterless car wash offers and then some. If the waterless car wash is good enough for a Rolls-Royce then there shouldn’t ever be another doubt in anyone’s mind.

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