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Gecko Mobile Washing is Cleaning Up Singapore

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

If you live in Singapore then you already know that the cost of owning a car is not cheap. It is a double edged sword the way that the government makes cars prohibitively expensive in return for having streets that are free of traffic and congestion. Those that are fortunate enough to be able to afford a car want to really make sure that they can keep their car in the best condition possible at all times in order to keep the retail value high. The waterless car wash can help you to do that and the guys over at Gecko Mobile Wash will help to bring the products to you in Singapore.

Gecko Mobile Wash will supply everything that you need to give your car that great cleaning or if you prefer to have some trained professionals do the dirty work (or should we say the cleaning work?) then you can have them take care of it for you as well. They will even come right to your house, or wherever is convenient for you to have your car cleaned. This is becoming the industry standard with the waterless car wash, the traveling wash team and is one of the biggest advantages of the waterless system. We also believe it is one of the reasons the waterless car wash system is catching on so fast.

The crew at Gecko is capable of handling more than just your car though. They specialize in aquatic vehicles like jet skis and boats as well.  No matter what kind of vehicle it is that you are driving they will accommodate for it and their team of trained specialists will know all the right techniques on how to clean it in just the right way.

They recently have been featured in some Singapore newspapers as well for their contributions to the city and its citizens. With Singapore being the most advanced country in Southeast Asia, this is quite an accomplishment for them as there are definitely a whole lot of people that are doing a lot of good things around the city. Just looking around Singapore and seeing how clean it is, you know that there is a lot of stiff competition (albeit friendly competition) at keeping the city clean.

We are really glad to see more companies like Gecko Mobile Wash opening up around the Asian market. This is great news for us as it is a good sign that we are really going global. For Singapore residents this is even better news as they will finally have easy access to their waterless car wash products as well as a team that can help them to apply the products in a professional way. Gecko Mobile Wash, we wish you all the best!

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