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Hi Def Detail are the Go To Guys for Waterless Car Wash in Texas

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Here at Freedom Waterless Car Wash We are interested in a whole lot more than just promoting ourselves in the waterless car wash world. There are a lot of really great dealers out there that provide some of the same great products that we provide to the world and we think it is important to highlight them from time to time. Last week we told you how easy it is to become a dealer of Freedom products for yourself and we thought that we would enforce that point by introducing you to one of the main players that is making a living selling Freedom products. We would like to introduce you to Hi Def Detail.

Hi Def Detail has two separate locations in Texas with one of them in Dallas and the other one in Irving. They make their business as comfortable as possible for customers by offering their customers free WiFi, complimentary beverages and HDTV to watch while they are waiting for the trained professionals to clean their car. These aren’t just gimmicks though as the people who sell waterless car wash products have no reason whatsoever to have to rely upon gimmicks.

The guys at Hi Def believe in helping to save and conserve the environment and using less water is one of the best ways to make that possible. All of the products that they use are certified organic and are 100% biodegradable as well. Try finding that at your local car wash that uses soap and water to clean your car. They have more environmentally friendly techniques than just the products they use though, as all of the bottles, containers and packaging is reused at every possible opportunity. This doesn’t just help the environment but it saves costs and then the savings are passed on directly to you.

These guys aren’t just car wash specialists either though, they have a whole range of talents that your car can really benefit from. If your car has some unsightly scratches on it then they are the perfect people to call as they can remove scratches from your car and have it looking brand new again. In fact many people who have used their service have left saying that they felt that their car looked better than it did on the day that they bought it.

Looking at some of the reviews online some people have even thought that the business had to be a fake because there were no bad reviews for Hi Def Detail. Then they went to try the service for themselves and they realized that there was nothing fake about it at all, Hi Def Detail is the real deal. Anyone that is looking for a great way to get their car washed in an environmentally friendly way in the Texas area owes it to themselves to check out Hi Def Detail.

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