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Send Us Your Waterless Car Wash Tips!

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We have been in the waterless car wash business for quite some time now and by this point we feel that we’ve got it pretty well figured out. Short of putting words into their mouths, we would be willing to bet that the majority of our dealers also feel the same way about their own skills and experience using the waterless car wash. We love when our readers and users email us questions asking us how they can better use their waterless car wash products. What we love even more than that though is when our readers and users email us telling us about tips and tricks that we have never even heard of before. It is truly a great feeling when the student is able to teach the master.

That is why we want to invite each and every one of our waterless car wash users to send us their tips and tricks of how they wash their cars. It doesn’t matter how long you have been using the waterless car wash for — even if you have just started because even if you have only done it once, you probably have your own special technique that may be able to help out a fellow waterless car wash user.

One of the biggest tips that we always like to give to the waterless car wash users is that when they wash their cars with the waterless car wash solution they need to not only wet their micro fiber towel, but they should also be wetting their car’s surface as well. This is because when the two come in contact, anything that is dry can cause friction and when friction happens you can end up damaging the surface of your car. Pretty counterproductive when the waterless car wash is meant to improve the look of your car’s surface in the first place.

As far as tips from of our readers, we have had some great ones on things like how to improve the time in which it takes you to wash your car waterlessly. Some of our readers have really gotten it down to a science and can get their car washed in as little as 12 minutes. Can you believe that? In just 12 minutes they can transform their car from something that just looks average into one of the best looking cars in the world. That’s less time than it takes to eat dinner.

So if you have any great tips that you think the waterless car wash community could benefit from, please feel free to let us know. We would love to hear about any of the things you have found so far that either makes the waterless car wash easier for you, makes your car come out looking better or helps you to perform the waterless car wash even faster. So send in your tips, we can’t wait to hear them!

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