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The Reality of Our Relationship With Traditional Car Washes

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One of the questions that is most commonly asked to us concerns our relationship with typical car wash places and the way that they operate their business. Many people think that we dislike like these places while other people think that we would be happy if they all went bankrupt and went out of business. IN reality nothing could be farther from the truth and we definitely don’t like to base our own business model on the failure of other businesses. In our opinion the best way to run a successful and reputable business is to work together with your competitors not only in a business sense but also in regards to the wellbeing of mankind and the earth as a whole. With the waterless car wash, that is actually quite easily accomplished.

Even some people that are on our side as far as all things waterless think that we should see traditional car wash facilities as our enemies. We just have trouble thinking that way. Instead we find it a lot more productive to see those types of places as the very first place to look for people to convert to waterless.

Think about it this way – is a person washing a car at home twice a month is able to save 300 gallons of water, imagine how much a car wash would be able to save? Car washes have gotten their system down to use water more efficiently and only use about half the amount of water that a person washing at home uses but that is still quite a lot of water. If you calculate in the fact that they are washing several, sometimes even a hundred cars per day then you can see how much water really stands to be saved.

So our goal is not to try to take down these car wash centers but instead we find it to be a much more worthwhile option if we can teach them about all of the advantages of waterless and then make the decision for themselves. If they only knew how much water they could be saving, how much money they could save on expensive repairs and equipment and how much more business they would get if they were able to market themselves as a green solution to getting your car washed. If they were armed with all of this information we think it would be almost a no brainer as to what option they would pick.

While we are trying the best that we can to spread the word to all of these car washes, there is only so much that we can do. If you are truly a fan of the waterless car wash that understands all of the benefits then we need your help to convince them that the waterless car wash really would be the best choice for their business. When you go waterless, everyone wins from the business right down to the consumer.

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