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A Winter Update From Freedom

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Every so often we like to write up a post letting our true fans know about the state that the waterless car wash is currently in. We do this because many of our fans are actually seriously invested in the waterless car wash and want to see it do well. This makes us feel good because it proves to us that we have really been creating a quality product that people want to support simply because they enjoy it so much. So without too much further banter, let’s take a look at what is really going on in the world of waterless.

As most of you know, winter is just around the corner and temperatures have already started dropping rapidly in many areas around the country. We not that not all of you live in areas that get snow but if you do, you definitely know how much of a pain it can be to keep your car clean during the winter. While we can’t fully say that the waterless car wash does better in the winter than it does in the summer months, we can definitely say it does a whole lot better than the types of car washes that use water!

In most places with snowy winters, the car washes simply close down for the winter. When you think about it, how could they operate with temperatures below freezing threatening to turn the water into ice as soon as it hits their customer’s cars? It is not a good situation for anyone who owns a car wash that uses water but a bad situation for them usually results in a good situation for us. It isn’t all about competition but there is a bit of a good feeling when we know that we are taking a majority share of the car wash customers due to something as simple as the weather and good ideas.

We also know that cars tend to get really dirty in the winter and that people have a hard time keeping them clean, as they aren’t willing to go out in the freezing cold and spray water around to clean them. You know who is willing to go out in the freezing cold though? And who doesn’t need any water at all to get the job done? One of our dealers. They will go out and get your car washed for you, no matter how dirty or how cold without you even having to go outside. While everyone else’s car remains dirty all winter, yours will be sparkly clean.

In the end it is sort of funny to think about the fact that the season can have such an impact on the car wash business but it really does. Winter is a great example and way for us to show people just how useful the waterless car wash is and we love any reason to show people that. So as you can see, it is going to be a pretty good winter for the waterless car wash.

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