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Eleven One Rocks a Yacht Show in Italy!

Written by Freedom. Posted in Dealers

The majority of you should already be more than familiar with our good friends Eleven One out of Italy. They always do a great job at representing our products on that side of the world and are constantly making moves to bring the waterless car wash even further. Just like a few of our other dealers, they will sometimes go and make an appearance at trade shows or similar venues to help promote the concept of the waterless car wash even further. Their recent appearance at the Yacht Show in Italy did a great job at helping to show the higher class customers that the waterless car wash is a great fit for them as well.

While the majority of you probably already know that the waterless car wash is great for any surfaces, people that own yachts are likely to be particularly picky about what they use to take care of its surface. This is more than understandable since they have probably paid more for their yacht than most people spend on a house. This means they will end up being very careful about what types of things they use to clean it and something new and unheard of will be dismissed by them quickly.

Thankfully the team from Eleven One was there to show them just how useful the waterless car wash can be when talking about the cleaning of a yacht. The expert team was careful to explain the features of the waterless car wash inside and out. They made it clear that while the waterless car wash is definitely really tough on dirt and grime, it is even gentler on your surfaces than it is tough on the dirt. The Complete Clean product really comes in handy here because it is an all purpose cleaner that can be used anywhere. Any surface from the exterior of your car, interior of your car, house and kitchen or the surfaces of the luxurious materials in your yacht – all of them are perfectly fine for this product. In fact, that is exactly what the product was designed to do – be gentle on all surfaces while going hard to work on dirt and grime.

In the end, just about everyone who was in attendance at the show was blown away at the high quality work that the waterless cash is able to do on their yachts. Not a single person after that had any doubts that the waterless car wash was a safe product to use, even on their fancy, expensive yachts. If people can be convinced to use the waterless car wash on something as expensive as a yacht, just imagine how easy it is to convert car owners at a trade show. That is one of the reasons that we always try to convince our dealers to take a more active role in these kinds of trade shows and events because they can really have a huge effect on the public image of the waterless car wash. Keep up the good work Eleven One!

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