Waless of Kuwait is Completely Taking Over

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One of the dealers that we work with and are constantly covering are the amazing people from Waless of Kuwait. First and foremost these guys have helped us to really break into an area of the world that we may never be able to get our products into without their help. While market research isn’t all that difficult, trying to actually set up shop in a new country with a new language can be very difficult for us. The team at Waless has helped to bring the waterless car wash into their country, allowing us to avoid a lot of the international red tape.

Above and beyond that though, the folks at Waless are just great to work with. They are definitely hard workers and are always doing their best to promote the waterless car wash in the absolute best way possible. The fact that something like the waterless car wash is a perfect product idea for where they are doesn’t hurt either. While in your home you might take water for granted and not even think about where the water from your tap comes from every time you turn it on – it isn’t as easy everywhere else. Many places in the Middle East have water shortage problems so it makes no sense to be wasting that much water on something like washing your car. Good thing something like the waterless car wash exists.

The team at Waless is also in the process of working out some really great things that will be good for them and the waterless car wash industry as a whole. We aren’t quite ready to unveil all of the great things that they have going on but believe us that they are very good and when it is time, you will all be the first to know.

For now, just focus on all of the great things that Waless is doing on a day to day basis. They are washing and detailing cars each and every day for happy customers. There are definitely some nice cars driving around the Kuwait area and a lot of the owners of these nice cars don’t trust their car to be taken care of by anyone besides Waless. When you can build up a name and a reputation for yourself like that then you often won’t need to do much else to keep a tight ship running. If you are willing to go the extra mile like they are though, things will be all the better for you.

Whenever we check in with Waless it is always a really positive feeling. We love seeing all of the great stuff that they are doing and how ambitious and driven they are. If you are living in a country that could benefit from something like the waterless car wash then you might consider following in their footsteps. The best type of business is not just one the makes you money but also helps people at the same time.

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