Waless of Kuwait is Washing Waterlessly and Taking Names

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Even though the waterless car wash is thriving in America the most, there are places all over the world that have embraced the idea of the waterless car wash. This is evident from the fact that we have dealers all over the world selling our products and making a name for themselves in the waterless world. Even to the far reaches of the world where the average American has never been we have dealers selling our products like the great guys over at Waless in Kuwait. We have talked about these guys before but it has been quite a while since we have heard from them so we thought it was about time that we checked back in with them to see how they are doing.

Even though a lot of you have probably never been to the areas that they serve as you might imagine it can be quite dry and dusty over there. Being dry means not always a lot of water that can just be wasted on things like washing cars with water and the dusty meaning there are a lot of things that the cars need to be protected from. When you think about it, a place like Kuwait is actually the perfect place to implement the waterless car wash.

Speaking of Kuwait, there are a whole lot of really nice cars over there just waiting for a great wash to come by and make them look even better. While the guys at Waless are open to washing just about any car, the average car that they wash would be classified into the high class or luxury category. This means if you are the type that likes to check out great looking, expensive cars then you would be wise to start following these guys a little more closely as they always have some pretty cool stuff going on.

Since the guys at Waless get all of their products from us here at Freedom, there should never be any question about the quality of their products either. If you trust us and the quality of our waterless products then there should be no reason that you would have any problem trusting the work or the products of the crew at Waless.

All the hard work from the crew and team at Waless is something that we are truly grateful for. It takes a lot to run a company and for us to try to set up shop over in Kuwait would be impossible. With the help of the Waless team we are able to have an international extension of ourselves all while allowing other people to run their own businesses. So if you will be in the Kuwait area any time soon or know anyone living there that could benefit for a bit of waterless washing then don’t hesitate to tell them about Waless. Send them over to their products page and let them see for themselves why they have become the number 1 waterless car wash company in Kuwait.

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