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Here at Freedom Waterless Car Wash, we supply a lot of different waterless car wash detailers around the world with the materials they need to get their businesses going. One of the first questions that we ask people upon ordering though, is whether or not they want their waterless car wash products to come with our brand name attached or their own. We can see reasons and advantages behind both. While of course we would love for people to build our brand for us, we don;t mind if people have a different take on the same great product and want to rebrand it to make it their own. Today though, we are going to be taking a look at a company that has really embraced the Freedom name, this is Waterless Clean of Toledo.

While you might not be able to tell just from their name, Waterless Clean of Toledo is Freedom 100% of the way. A quick look at their website will show you that they use the same logo as us and have no problem helping us to increase our brand recognition. That is something that we would certainly like to thank and applaud them for.

Obviously being located out of the area of Toledo, the company is ran mostly by one man, who goes by the name of Rick Horvath. Rick is a real legend in the waterless car wash industry as he knows just about all the secrets that we do for getting the most out of the waterless car wash. Rick doesn’t rely on tricks or schemes though to get cars clean, he washes each one by hand and doesn’t stop until each car has reached his own personal level of satisfaction. Don’t worry though, because we are willing to bet Rick’s standards for a clean car are a whole lot higher than yours are anyways.

Being located in the midwest may be seen as a disadvantage to some waterless car wash detailers, Rick takes advantage of his unique situation. While the midwest may not be the area of the US with the most waterless car wash activity, Rick makes up for that by being the only waterless car wash detailer in the area. This means that when someone in Ohio wants to get their car washed waterlessly, it is very likely that Rick is the man they are going to see.

So if you ever find yourself in the midwest, whether staying a while or just passing through on a road trip, we recommend you look up Waterless Clean of Toledo. Rick is a great guy who uses genuine, branded Freedom Waterless Car Wash products and is a good guy to talk to as well. Whether you want to talk waterless car wash or any other range of topics, we are sure Rick will lend you his ear for a little while.

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