What Do You Think of Waterless?

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One thing that is very important to us in our business is to know what our customers think about everything we do. So many businesses fail to see that what their customers think is the most important thing of all, because without the customer then there would definitely be no business to begin with. There is nothing that we appreciate more than receiving honest feedback from our customers because it really helps us to grow our brand in the best way possible. Today the question that is on our minds is, “what do you actually think of the term ‘waterless’?”

It might seem like a silly question considering the fact that our entire brand is built off of a product that has the word waterless in its name, but it is still a very valid question to us. The only reason we feel comfortable even discussing this with all of you is because by being here reading this right now, we already know you are on board with what we stand for. So to clarify our question a bit further, what sort of thoughts does the world ‘waterless’ conjure up for you?

We ask because recently it has come to our attention that some people who are not involved in waterless washing of their vehicles view the word waterless as it relates to car care as a negative. So far some of the feedback is from people who are afraid that a waterless product could actually damage their car and it is not something they would use on their own vehicle. Needless to say, this does not help us to grow our own brand, the waterless car wash as a whole, or help the environment through our efforts.

Of course, that is just a small sample size and made up people who have no idea what the waterless car wash is at all. On the other hand, those are exactly the type of people we are targeting and need to be educating to start using waterless products for their own benefit and the benefit of the environment as well. If the word waterless is holding us back from that, then it might be time to start rethinking our strategies a little bit. Believe us, it would take a lot before we made a complete branding switch, but it is something that we should be thinking about ahead of time in case that ever needs to happen.

So after you tell us your opinions on the word waterless itself, do you have any other suggestions for what might make a better name to describe our product? Waterless we feel works really well because it describes the product as simply as possible. We really do like the term waterless but as we said, it never hurts to have some backup ideas that could be used if it ever comes to that. What do you all think

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